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Blog written by Ali from Montclaire School

February 26, 2011 - The season's about to start!

Girls on the Run starts this Tuesday at my school Montclaire! I am so excited to do it again, this is my second year doing Girls on the Run. This weekend I went shopping for new running shoes at Athletic Performance in Los Gatos. I got blue brooks. They look really cool. I have gotten a lot faster than I was last year when I was in third grade. Now I am in fourth grade in the same classroom that we will go into when it is raining. Most of my friends are doing Girls on the Run again since we all love to run! This year we have six wonderful coaches and forty five girls! That's more than last year! There's an equal amount of girls from each grade participating. I am so excited to start another year of tons of SPORTS and RUNNING!!!!

Week 1

This past Tuesday at our first Girls on the Run practice a reporter came and videotaped us. They only interviewed three people, and the three people that they interviewed were all in my class. I ran five laps that day and we played a fun name game. I was awestruck Ali. That day we tried to learn everyone's names. We have to memorize a ton of names, 45 names! I liked watching the news and seeing us on T.V. They caught me fixing my hair! The running was fun. For the second lesson we had to write something encouraging. That was pretty easy to come up with. I ran four laps.

Week 2

This week for Girls on the Run we did a lot of things focusing on how awesome you feel about yourself. In Tuesday's lesson we did a lot of running. I ran two miles! We would stop at stations and have to do different activities with the coaches. We also got a handout called Choosing to be a Girl on the Run. One of the goals is choosing to get enough sleep every night. I want to try to do that! On Thursday we had to write good and bad things about ourselves. I really liked reading what other girls wrote.

Week 3

On Tuesday we played a running softball game about nutrition. The questions were easy. I liked this true or false questions best. We then ran laps, and I had a good pace running. On Thursday we talked a lot about feelings. I liked acting out the emotions, I especially liked showing how to be joyful! For the running we had to think through scenarios that were fun to talk about as we ran.

Week 4

On Tuesday we ran a lot of laps. Every time we did a lap we wrote a word for each letter in a word. For instance for D I wrote "dogs" and for T I wrote "teachers." I ran ten laps around the track, that's two and a half miles! On Thursday it rained so we had to do Girls on the Run inside. We traced our hands and wrote positive comments about ourselves in the hand. In my hand I wrote words like "studious," "dazzling" and "awesome." Then we made a bridge with our arms and ran through the tunnel. Then we wrote more positive comments on the poster board. Our coaches put on music and we danced through the tunnel. It was fun!

Week 5

On Tuesday we worked on cooperation. We used a big jump rope and we all had to get to the other side while it was spinning. I jumped through but some girls ran. For the running portion we were each given six stickers (each sticker represented a lap) and we were supposed to work together to get all of the laps done. I ran exactly six laps so I did not need to give any stickers away. On Thursday we did a warm-up we did a fun game. For the running part we had little slips of paper with a phrase. Every lap we did we crossed off two vowels. The vowels were underlined. I ran all of the laps (vowels) which was six. It was burning hot! We had spray bottles to help keep us cool while we ran.

Week 6

On Tuesday we did a thing where you stand up for yourself. We played a game of leap frog. When we ran laps we had to fill out a sheet that had several sentences on it after we ran each lap. I ran seven laps. On Thursday we worked on gossip. We did an exercise to demonstrate gossip.Just like with gossip, you can't take it all back. When we ran laps we had to do a scavenger hunt in groups of two or three. We had to find things related to spring all around the track. It was fun. I ran four laps.

Week 7

On Tuesday the lesson was all about bullying. We had to do a warmup that was fun that got us thinking about bulling. For the running they gave us a work sheet and we answered one question every lap. On Thursday we learned about how to find good friends. It was a lot of fun to do the warmup and the workout.

Week 8

On Tuesday we ran our practice 5k and I think I did really well in it! Everyone did their best and we all finished in different times. On Thursday we did a lesson about positive and negative thoughts. We looked at a magazine ad and answered questions like what does this advertisement leave out and stuff like that. For the workout we had to run as fast as we could pacing for one lap and then write something that makes a girl powerful.

Week 9

On Tuesday we learned about a community. We had to hold hands together in a circle and the coaches asked half of the people to lean in and the other half had to lean out. It was pretty easy because the people I was holding hands with kept a good grip. For the work out we had two posters with Girls on the Run sayings. We had to cross off one letter for each lap. We finished our two posters!! On Thursday we worked on our community project. We played a game where we used a beach ball and made sure it stayed in the air. At first we only got two or three hits but we put some people in the middle of the circle and others on the outside and we got 29 bumps! Then we marched around the track singing a Girls on the Run song that went like this " I don't know what I've been told, Montclaire girls have hearts of gold, sound off 1..2.., sound off  3..4! We all had to go together at the same pace. I liked the song. For our community project we picked up trash around the school and my trash bag was filled to the top!

Week 10

The first lesson one of the games we played involved a chair. You had to run around someone and say something positive. I got a lot of awesomes (so true) and friendly (also true.) Then when we ran laps we got to sign our Girls on the Run T-shirts. I almost collected everyone's names. On Thursday we started by writing thank you notes to people who helped us learn about Girls on the Run. I wrote mine to my mom. Then we ran as groups. My group is A and the other groups were B, C and D. We named our team the Awesome As. We had to stay together and use teamwork to do four laps. We finished really quickly. I had a lot of fun. This was our last practice before the 5k!!!!

New Balance Girls on the Run 5k and Final Celebration!

This week for Girls on the Run we ran the 5k! I had so much fun dying my hair blue, purple and red to show my spirit! I ran my 5k without stopping in 30 minutes 2 seconds and I thought everyone on our Girls on theRun team did soooooo well. We were so good. After the race everyone was smiling, dancing and relaxing. I don't know about anyone else but I was exhausted after the race ended. Then on Tuesday we had our celebration. We played the human knot, we got medals and awards and made strawberry sundaes.  My award was the sunshine award, it meant that my smile lit up practice. A strawberry sundae is when you made an ice cream sundae but instead of ice cream we used strawberries and topped of with whipped cream, sprinkles and chocolate syrup in a waffle cone bowl. It tasted delicious. Girls on the run is so much fun. This is my last blog. From, Ali

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