Need-Based Scholarships

Our goal is for ALL girls to be able to participate regardless of her family's financial status.  However, Girls on the Run of Silicon Valley believes that a strong sense of pride and ownership is developed when the scholarship recipient has contributed to the cost of their involvement. Therefore, all applicants will be asked to pay a portion of the program fees. All scholarship amounts are kept confidential, even from the coaches, as they are specific to individual and family circumstances and are reviewed each season by the Girls on the Run Scholarship Committee.

Please review the sliding scale below for reference:

Total Family Income                 Fee
Greater than $70,000               $210 (or full program amount if higher at site requested)
$60,000 - $70,000                    $150
$50,000 - $60,000                    $100
$40,000 - $50,000                    $75
$30,000 – 40,000                     $50
Less than $30,000                    $25

INSTRUCTIONS: You MUST submit your scholarship application BEFORE submitting you program registration. You should register your daughter for the program ONLY after your scholarship application has been approved and you have received a scholarship code. NO refunds will be made if you register your daughter for the program and then apply for a scholarship.

INSTRUCCIONES: Si usted está interesado en solicitar una beca, primero debe aplicar para una beca antes de registrar a su hija. Usted debe registrar su hija por el programa SOLO DESPUES de que se apruebe su solicitud y usted recibirá su código de beca. NO se harán reembolsos si usted registra su hija por el programa y luego solicitar una beca.


How to apply for a need-based scholarship at a full-fee site:

STEP 1: Submit your scholarship application online and send in your required documentation within 5 days.

You MUST apply by Wednesday, November 30, in order to receive a scholarship code in time to register during the lottery registration period of December 3-5.  You must submit documention showing proof of need by that date as well.  If you are applying for a scholarship AFTER the lottery registration period, you may apply at any time but it takes up to 5 business days to process once we receive your proof of need.

Acceptable documents to submit (pick one):
  1. Proof of daughter participating in the school's free/reduced lunch program that shows financial need;
  2. Most recent federal income tax return wtih W2 forms attached;
  3. Last two most recent paycheck stubs, unemployment check stubs, or disability check stubs;
  4. Letter from employer stating annual wages or salary; or
  5. Documentation of extenuating circumstances to be considered (for example: medical treatment, unemployment, etc.).

STEP 2: Wait to be approved and receive your personal scholarship code. It will be emailed to you from

STEP 3: Register your daughter online using your scholarship code and pay the amount you were approved to pay at that time.
If you are registering during the lottery period, you must enter your payment method but you will not be charged unless you are selected in the lottery. Applying for a scholarship has NO influence on whether you are selected during the lottery. It is a completely random, computer-generated process.

Please remember that scholarships MUST be applied for and approved prior to registering your daughter. Refunds will NOT be made afterward.

NOTE: You should NOT apply for a scholarship if your daughter will be registering for one of our full-scholarship sites, as you have already been granted a full scholarship, which is reflected in the reduced $25 program fee at your site.

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